My song is love

The jokes on me, except it’s not really a joke, more like a beautiful surprise.

Funny how I resisted adjusting for so long I was like a starving prisoner refusing to eat that food because it would imply crossing to the other side.

Funny how one person can change everything, if that one person holds the key to unlocking universes of thought, experience, delight and yet here they are in what seemed to be the nowhere of the universe.

Funny how I let the judgment of city hipsters influence my mind so negatively, how I was sure some things defined me and when those things were gone, I discovered I was still here only more so…things had been masking the true self.

“Everything I need is right here in Highbury,” Emma said, and indeed everything I “need” is here, though sometimes I have to drive 20 miles for the extra firm tofu or raw cashews only to find they’ve been out of stock for awhile. Great music, great art, lakes, hills–yes, I’ll miss easy access to those. But trade them for my Mr. Knightly/Rochester/Barney Redfern/Nick Charles? Nope.

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Is this where they put the chocolate cookies?

I believe this would be the exception that proves the rule of “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.”

Yikes. It is displayed in one of the local establishments along with the many other vintage cookie jars.

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Baby in the Barn (Bremer County Fair, pt. 4)

I could make a joke about how he only got the red ribbon because his hooves weren’t fully developed, but in reality, I would like to find his mom. Because maybe she’s a Sylvia Plath fan, and a poet herself, and we could be friends.

“You are the one
Solid the spaces lean on, envious.
You are the baby in the barn.”
(from “Nick and the Candlestick”)

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Bovine Obstacle Course (Bremer County Fair, pt. 3)

Does this really need a comment?

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Sheep Scramble (Bremer County Fair, pt. 2)

I think the BCF website says it best:

“All kids going into third grade next year can participate in the sheep scramble (must be in 4-H). Those who successfully catch their sheep will be given a lamb to show at the 2011 fair [...] Also available during the sheep show, lamb burgers! Yum!!”

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Hot beef sundaes (Bremer County Fair pt. 1)

There’s too much county fair to fit in the fairgrounds here. And there’s too much fair to fit in one post!

I was pretty disappointed when I found out this is not made with actual ice cream. It is merely beef, gravy, a cherry tomato, cheese, and a scoop of mashed potatoes made to look like an ice cream sundae with toppings. Why must the real world always break my heart?

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“Everything I need is right here in Highbury”

I have been wanting to see the new BBC Emma for almost a year. I never bothered putting it on hold in my previous city, because it would be months before it was my turn, most likely during some week when I was gone and couldn’t retrieve it. But at the library in this town, it was right there on the shelf. I took it home and watched it. Yes I did.

Credit:Davis Venni BBC

Also, when I got my library card, they only asked for a driver’s license. Which was from another state. No proof of residency. That’s how they roll!

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